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About Fast ForWord® 

What is Fast ForWord®?


  • Fast ForWord® is an online learing software program that was developed by a group of neuroscientists over 20 years ago and is based on decades of reasearch into how the brain learns.

  • Fast ForWord® software helps students develop foundational cognitive skills, like Memory, Attention, Processing, and Sequencing, which in turn strengthen the key pathways in the brain that help us learn.

  • The program addresses reading and language skills while helping learners improve in all subject areas.

  • Students can gain an average of a 1-2 grade level reading gain in 8-12 weeks. 

  • Students who use Fast ForWord® will be able to pay closer attention to their teachers, absorb information faster and remember what they are taught.

  • More than 250 research studies prove that the Fast ForWord® program can help build better learners with diverse student populations.


For More Information about Fast ForWord®, please click the link below to visit our "Parent Portal"


Who Can Benefit?

Any adult or youth can benefit from the brain training provided by the Fast ForWord® program. However, many of our customers  have reported that their learners have difficulty with:


  • Expressive and receptive language

  • Phonemic awareness and decoding

  • Reading fluency

  • Reading comprehension





And/or history of:

  • Otitis media (middle ear infection)

  • Family  history of difficulty with reading and/or "late talkers" 

  • Speech problems 

And/or diagnoses of:            

  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder

  • Language Impairment

  • Dyslexia

  • Learning disability

  • Autism 

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